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A healthy body is your ally during the recovery process. All residential and PHP participants will take part in yoga and meditation sessions and have access to fitness facilities.

  • Young Adult: Treatment is tailored to the young adult who may still be in college or otherwise dependent on parents or guardians. We offer relatable strategies for staying clean and sober at a time when partying feels normal and peer pressure is a fact of life.
  • Adult: Identifying triggers and psychological factors that contribute to addiction and relapse are key components of adult treatment. Work, social, and family pressures are addressed so that adults of every socioeconomic can integrate the tools of sobriety into his or her daily life.
  • Seniors: Older adults facing special health considerations of withdrawal can expect to receive more intense medical supervision and a treatment plan that takes into account their vast life experience.
  • Families: “Loving an addict is like sitting in the front row of a Gallagher show. You’re going to get some watermelon on you.” The family of an addict suffers a crisis of it’s own, so we encourage family members to get involved in their loved one’s recovery through private and group counseling sessions, enlightening educational seminars about the science of addiction, planning for reintegration, and trust-building exercises.




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