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In line with the philosophy driving our programs, the Avenues Recovery Center admissions process is geared towards establishing the specific needs of the adult individual (18 years or older) seeking to gain support for her/his recovery from addiction. In order to ensure that our goals are aligned with those of each individual we service, the initial call will gather pertinent demographic, clinical, and anecdotal information, as well as an individual treatment history.

By opening a direct and respectful dialog from the moment of first contact, we can begin building a robust relationship with the Avenues community that will continually strengthen the foundation of each client’s journey to recovery.


During the intake evaluation, you will meet with a medical professional and addictions counselor to review your medical history, current health, and substance use patterns. An intake evaluation is an interview process geared toward getting you into the right program for your needs. Patients often feel a considerable amount of shame about their addiction and may be tempted to omit details or lie about their usage. False or misleading statements that paint an incorrect picture of your habits hinder your progress and may prolong treatment. Our entire staff is here to help you succeed, and everything you share with them is held in complete confidence. Please help yourself by being completely open and honest from the start. Financial circumstances, insurance details, and payment options are also discussed at this time.

The First 24 Hours

  • The first day in rehab can be overwhelming and scary. It can also be exciting and full of promise.
  • During your first 24 hours, our caring staff will help you get settled in and comfortable. You will meet with a licensed therapist and medical professional to complete an assessment to get a clear picture of who you are, what motivates you, and determine how we can best serve you.
  • If you require detoxification, you will be transported to and from the detox facility.
  • If detoxification is unnecessary, you will receive a tour of the facility, ask a lot of questions, and receive a lot of answers before integration into your program.


In detox you will be carefully monitored and receive doctor-supervised medicine therapy if necessary while drugs and alcohol work their way out of your system.

A Typical Day in Treatment

Every day, Avenues clients can look forward to three group sessions and a variety of recreational activities. Twice a week, clients engage in private therapy sessions with a highly skilled addictions specialist. Clients also meet in three gender-specific groups each week.

Group session themes can include:

  • The Big Book and 12 Steps
  • Recovery Topics
  • Client Topics
  • Trauma
  • Group Support
  • Gender Support
  • Gender Issues
  • Co-occurring Disorders
  • Grief
  • Spirituality

Fitness Programs

A healthy body is your ally during the recovery process. All residential and PHP participants will take part in yoga and meditation sessions and have access to fitness facilities.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers you the opportunity to work as a team and build strong relationships. It affords everyone the chance to learn from the experiences and strengths of everyone in the group. You’ll discuss the many facets of addiction and the benefits and challenges of long-term sobriety while building a support network to hold you accountable for your actions. Group therapy may include discussion topics, art therapy, role playing, music therapy, educational seminars, fitness activities, 12-step discussions, and the exploration of spirituality.

Some of the benefits to group therapy:

  • Realize you're not alone
  • Learn to share in a healthy way
  • Support from your peers
  • Learn to communicate while sober

Family Programs

Including family members in the recovery process and addressing their unique experiences and fears is a very powerful and influential part of the treatment process. Educating families about the science of addiction and the process of recovery goes a long way toward helping the addict achieve and maintain long term sobriety and repair the family unit. The family education program at Avenues is an integral part of the recovery process for all.


Certain medications can help to manage the withdrawal symptoms from harmful drugs, making the treatment process safer and more comfortable. Our team of medical professionals will perform a thorough assessment as part of your intake process and If medical intervention is necessary at that time or throughout treatment, a nurse practitioner or doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication and carefully monitor your progress.

Dual Diagnosis

It is not uncommon for a person with a substance addiction to also be struggling with a co-occurring condition such as depression or anxiety. Dual diagnoses require integrated and comprehensive care to fully address and rectify both conditions.

Sometimes one condition might contribute to or worsen the other. For example, someone with a mental illness might use drugs or alcohol to cope with their symptoms. In other cases, substance abuse may uncover a mental illness or exacerbate related symptoms.

Failing to treat both issues can put the individual at an increased risk of relapse upon entering a rehabilitation program.

Treatment for dual diagnosis is based on the individual’s needs and preferences and may utilize behavioral therapies in combination with medication.

Spiritual Support

Spiritual growth is the backbone of recovery. Through work with your team at Avenues, program literature, and holistic practices including meditation, you will have daily opportunities to strengthen your understanding of spirituality and connect with a higher power.

Sober Living

Avenues Recovery Center has the prestige and honor of partnering with Crosswalk Sober Living. Crosswalk is located just around the corner from the Avenues’ main campus, and transportation between sites is provided. Sober living allows you to build relationships with other people in recovery through the teamwork and camaraderie of your shared experience. Residents also learn how to have fun while sober by participating in such group activities on the weekends and evenings as sporting events, hiking, rafting, movies, and go-karting.

Rules & Guidelines

All of the programs at Avenues are founded on the basis of mutual support and trust in the process of recovery. We encourage you to work as a team with your fellow participants and demonstrate common courtesy and respect for the people and property around you. Any activities that threaten to impede the progress of any participant are strictly prohibited.

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